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Of all the fantastic Magic that Andy does, Andy believes that his walk-around Magic is the most vital thing he performs. Andy performs walk-around Magic for thousands of people every year. He has the unique skill of quickly forming a lifelong bond with people with his close-up Magic. Whether on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Clearwater Beach or with one of his recurring Corporate clients like Facebook, Andy’s clients rave about his strolling Magic.

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Andy’s Walk-Around Magic

He has a Deep Passion For Close-Up Magic

Every time Andy leaves his home, he has Magic in his pocket. Part of being a famous Magician is that when someone sees you in person, they want to see some incredible Magic. This allows Andy's Magic to get stronger every single day. When you hire him to perform at your private event, you are purchasing a product that has been refined and perfected thousands of times.

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When people are asked what comes to mind about Andy’s Magic, they talk about his incredible charisma and how he can quickly bring together people with his Magic. Andy’s clients can’t get enough of his charm.

Facebook liked Andy’s Magic so much that they made a commercial video with him to promote Facebook Groups. Check it out!

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A Message from Andy

I worked for MTV and Nickelodeon when I began my career as a Comedian and Magician. During my career, I have discovered and found diverse talent from all over the world. I have helped produce events with million-dollar budgets with celebrity entertainers like Flavor Flav and Miley Cyrus. I know that it can be challenging to find the correct performer, and there are many options to choose from. What sets my walk-around Magic apart from the other Magciains is that I will form a bond with your employees and colleagues that they will never forget. In addition to personalizing my close-up Magic for your company, I have an inclusive personality. I will make all your employees and colleagues feel like they are part of something bigger. For a brief period, they will forget about their life’s stress and sit back, relax, and have some fun.

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Andy's shows are fun for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. He has been fortunate to have some wonderful clients who were very happy with my work and gave me excellent reviews and testimonials. Andy has a 5-star rating on Google.