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Andy's ability to create an INSTANT rapport with your guests is magic in itself! Watch as he gets the entire group(s) interacting in a fun and energetic way! He's a true master at building personal relationships and is a great wedding magician.


Watch Andy instantly win over both adults, children, and teens with his warm and engaging approach as a wedding entertainer. Never one to disrupt the flow of the evening, Andy will seamlessly entertain and delight ANY audience!


You could EASILY choose ANY entertainer your guests on your special day. But with Andy, it all comes down to creating something truly UNFORGETTABLE memory!

So just WHO is Andy and WHAT can he do for you?

Well…here you are.

You’re looking at this page, and this is just ONE thing out of about a ZILLION things you still havedecidesion on! It’s never easy.

BUT…what if I made it INCREDIBLY easy? I can tell you about how many awards Andy has won and how many years he has been performing for brides, but…I won’t.

Instead, know when it comes time for you to focus on getting married, getting your pictures taken, and making sure your make-up is done perfectly. Andy will be amazing your guests…your loved ones at the cocktail hour or reception with his wedding magic show, making sure they are delighted and entertained!

We want to congratulate YOU and thank YOU for your significant time! And thank you for considering Andy to be a part of your special day. Whether it is a wedding, any other event, or an online birthday party, Andy guarantees to make everyone happy and laughing!

It's easy to sit here and let Andy tell you how amazing his Virtual wedding Magic shows are, but why not just let these past clients speak for him?

“We had heard about Andy from a mutual friend
We were extremely happy with the results!”


New York,NY

“If I can offer one bit of advice if you’re on the
fence about hiring Andy for your Zoom wedding,
ALL our guests at our virtual wedding
reception loved him. He was TERRIFIC!”


Greenwich, CT

It is best to fill out the contact form to send a request or send inquiry by email or phone call. Andy will reply as quickly as possible. From there he will discuss the needs & requirements of both the client, and go over the rates. Once you come to an agreement Andy will send a contract and once it is signed and the 25% deposit received the date will be booked. The balance will be due after his performance at you Zoom Wedding.

Andy will keep your whole audience on the edge of their seats. They will love his Magic and will be laughing and having a fun time.

Absolutely. The show material is rated G and is customized for the type of event and audience and can be slightly tweaked up with humorous innuendo when requested.

Andy charges $1,000 for his Wedding Magic show.

Bookings can be taken up to 12 months in advance of the virtual wedding. All bookings are taken on a first-come-first-served basis.

Yes, and does virtual Magic for Bridal Showers, Rehearsal dinners, Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette parties, and gender reveal parties.

Andy is a Distinguished Toastmaster and a lot of his clients hire him to be the MC or host at their wedding. He can also introduce your friends and relatives before their speeches. Andy is a professional speaking coach and can provide coaching for the bride or groom or anyone else giving a speech at your wedding.

If you're interested in having Andy amaze your guests, please take a few moments to fill out the form below. He will be in touch with you right away! Andy can also do a free 5-minute live virtual Magic demonstration that you can experience remotely at home in the palm of your hands.

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